ESC Race - Saturday March 7

Saturday, March 7 was a very fine day for a ski race. Taylor and Ella competed at the Edmonton Ski Club, down in the River Valley. I wore bad shoes for a ski hill and spent much of the day inching up the slopes, carrying much camera gear. Taylor got on the podium with a  Silver. It was only Ella's second race and she made it down the course...both times! Yay. Fun was had by all and best of all no injuries. 

Here's some shots. 

Note to self: Ski Sherpas...If i was a pre-teen kid and I could ski I would rent myself to families as a Ski Sherpa on race days. Carrying all their crap, keeping track of stuff, helping out. Sort of a cross between a nanny and a sherpa and caddy. Could be huge. 

Jeff DayComment