August in BC 2015

Dear Summer

For years now, like most Albertans, we pack up and drive to BC. Unlike most Albertans, we have family in Kelowna who dote on us. (And I mean dote.) This year we imposed on more BC family than ever before! Because my Dad and Fran moved to Victoria in January, this allowed us to go to the island and see them and see or speak to BC relatives we hadn't seen in a long long time.


We drove to Kelowna first and stayed with Dal and Ryan. (Dal is Leah's sister) For a week! And they cooked for us and had a big family taco night, and took us swimming, and there were mountain activities, and picnics, and poker and wine, and paintball. Leah and the kids got to go on Gino and Cindy's boat for a day of cruising the lake. We also got to spend some time with Leah's grandma Betty and Leah's aunt Shay. So that was very special too.  (Meanwhile back in Edmonton Jan Anderson was looking after our house and dealing with/taming a stray cat we took in right before leaving for our trip. Poor Jan.)



We packed up and drove from Kelowna to Vancouver and spent the night with Ember and Rob and their family. Ember is leah's cousin...who we have not seen in some time. But after a while they recognized us (a joke) and put us up and they were very gracious.

In the morning before our ferry, we went to Granville Island for a lightning fast tour and then raced across Vancouver to get on our sailing. But it turns out you don't race across Vancouver...and we almost missed the boat. 

Once on the island, I stopped hyperventilating, and we had a leisurely drive down to Victoria. We spent a few days with my parent's near their place and saw a whole bunch of neat things in and around Victoria. My Dad and Fran live in this really nice house up on a mountain that has an actual cliff right behind it. 

On the island we connected with Jeff Mclellan who is my great cousin - my dad's mom's sister's son. I think. He had is us over to his house and we had a BBQ and strolled a farmer's market in the town he lives in.  We were unable to connect with Chad and Betty (my dad's brother and his wife) but we spoke by phone. We were also unable to fit in a visit with Vera and Linda - boo! We also could not connect with Don and Karen Fedora - who were off the island when we visited. Then it was back to Kelowna! 


Leah and the kids stayed on in Kelowna for one more week and I drove back home to Edmonton. Leah's mom flew into Kelowna and I was in charge of the feral cat. Leah and the kids continued to do fun things. There were visits to Kangaroo Farms, mini golf exploits, more swimming, etc. 

Graphical Recap

The Circle of Fun

No summer summary is complete without a graphical breakdown of fun. See chart. 

So a big thank you to everybody that went out of their way to accommodate us. We appreciated everything that you did and it all added up to some priceless memories. 

*Shameless Plug -  one the images I took on our trip was picked up an featured on Flickr's front page. You can see that image here. Some of my more 'fine art' images are here on FlickrAhem.