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2016: The DATA is Crunched

All year my crack team of unemployed economists and analysts have been compiling the numbers around my vague hunches and postulations.  Each team member was driven hard, looking for trends and patterns; all desperately trying to avoid direct eye contact with me.  Well that's over now - not the horrible never-ending recession (which I predicted in 2014) but the quantitative summary of yearly data and all that eye rolling.


What Are We Thinking About Trimming Lately?

December 2016

What Am I Waiting for Lately?

October 2016

What's Running Through Our Mind While Running?

September 2016

What's Swelling Lately?

July 2016

What Are We Looking For Lately?

June 2016

What are we feeding lately?

April 2016

Why are we not wearing our snowpants lately?

March 2016

What are we grinding lately?

February 2016

What am I being called at Starbucks lately?

January 2016

Who's Always Winning

December 2015

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