I'm a specialized generalist... 

I help define, design, and launch goal-oriented communication projects. I write, design, photograph, art direct and execute communication projects.  

For over 20 years, I've worked with for profit companies and not-for-profit organizations, and public and private firms in a number of roles. Graphic Designer. Project Manager. Copy Writer. Photographer. Web Designer. I'm a specialized generalist; a captain of contingency. In this capacity, I've seen it all and done most of it.

My work experience has been in Alberta and BC. I reside in Edmonton. My work ranges from branding, to campaign development, to publication design and to every kind of roll-out imaginable.

As advertising, information, and transactions start to blur, organizations need creativity to navigate a complex, fragmented world. I believe that creativity is as now as important as rigor, management discipline, and vision. It's not about software or platforms, it's about creativity and a digital narrative. It takes a high level of creativity and skill to get results...and that's what I do. 

I can be hired for marketing, design, writing, photography, or website projects. If you have an assignment, please contact me.