Image Selected for Alberta Views Magazine

Look At Me Dept. 

In April 2018 one of my photographs will be features in Alberta Views Magazine. Earlier in the month, I was contacted through my Flickr account by an art director regarding an image I took in Edmonton's river valley last year.   


She said...

"Each month we run a section called "Eye on Alberta", where we gather shorter items related to Alberta that were published elsewhere; I always try to open this section with an interesting view on Alberta, hence your photo would be a great fit. Alberta Views is a monthly general-interest magazine covering the arts, culture and politics of Alberta. We have a print run of some 15,000 and are in our 20th year of continuous publication."

This is the image. I called it 'Momentarily' as it was a quick interaction with an elusive urban coyote. 


Yay! 😜

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