Speaking At The St. Albert Photography Club, May 9th

On Wednesday, May 9th I am excited and sort of nervous to be presenting to the St. Albert Photography Club. The club meets meets from 7-9 pm at the St. Albert Inn & Suites (map below). I have summarized my presentation as follows. 

For five years, Jeff Day has run more than 9,500 kilometers, mostly outdoors, with a camera in a backpack, capturing images in and around Edmonton. He calls his work ‘Runtography’. It’s a word he coined to legitimize what he’s been doing in his off-hours to make it sound, well, less insane! He will present an overview of some of his favourite imagery, explain his unique image collecting process and answer any questions.  

My photography is an unbelievably solitary endeavor, so speaking in public about it is a stretch of my general comfort level, in a good way. I think. I hope... 


My Kit

ADJ - Running Equipment - _SQ - IMG7149.jpg

A lot of people were interested in how I do this. So I have included a photo of my kit.  This is what I pack  around.  Excluding the camera...which I needed to take the shot (Pentax K2) and my clothes. My clothes are ridiculous in winter. So many... clothes...but in summer, less ridiculous. 

  • Phone
  • Headphones (music because I run...and music is the gas)
  • MEC sling bag. (The best thing ever)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bank Card
  • Camera (Pentax K2)

No water. I have never carried water as it's extra weight.

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