The Badlands

My life, probably like your life, is a series of negotiations and compromises. This is true in my work life and my family life. With regards to my family, I'm always juggling. There's always snow to shovel, recycle to recycle, lawns to cut, dinners to make, sports games/practices to manage, etc. I'm very good at the doing. I'm less good at the spontaneous 'lets-go-have-fun'.

So about a month ago I had a dream which is probably normal, but as I never remember my dreams, this was unusual. The dream was about the badlands. The dream involved deserts and sweeping vistas. Canyons and sage. Cowboys and rustlers. I think there was a snake, at the end. 

The dream wouldn't leave me. I suggested a trip Drumheller to my wife, an overnighter. There was a museum there, I said. My kids were quasi-ecstatic. I was, momentarily, a hero. Truth was, I think I just wanted to photograph in a place that was new and different. I'd never been to the badlands. I googled a map. It seemed doable.


We packed and set out. This is what I saw. 

Jeff DayComment